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Our Distillery

Our independent distillery is situated on Holmes Farm, nestled in the charming, historical village of Brindle, Lancashire. Watch our short film ‘Inspired by the Past. Dedicated to the Future.’ below to find out more…

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Our Values


Handcrafted With Dedication, Care and Passion

We apply the same hardworking attitude to making spirits as we do to our farming, overseeing the entire process. From early starts in our fields to hand writing batch numbers on our bottles.

With dedication, care and passion, we create truly artisan spirits that reflect the kind of commitment you’ll only find down on Holmes Farm. The exceptional taste of our spirits is a result of using high-quality, locally grown and sourced ingredients, along with the hard work and dedication invested in every bottle.

This commitment to quality has earned our gins countless awards from around the globe. View our world famous Cuckoo Gin range here.


Sustainability Starts At Holmes Farm

All of the raw materials that go into making our award-winning spirits are carefully selected.

Our natural spring delivers fresh spring water to the distillery, serving as a vital component in the distillation process and for cooling our Still, affectionately named ‘Maggie.’ In addition, we prioritise sustainability and ethical practices by sourcing high-quality botanicals from the UK and around the globe.

Whether directly from our farm or locally sourced, every ingredient contributes to the exceptional taste that sets our spirits apart.


How It All Began

The Singleton family’s connection to Holmes Farm spans many years, our family have dedicated themselves to farming the surrounding fields for generations.

However, in 2017, we recognised an exciting opportunity to expand our endeavours and utilise our land and resources in a new way. This led to the birth of Brindle Distillery and Cuckoo Gin, where we embarked on the journey of crafting sustainable, handcrafted spirits. Interested in our story? Learn more here.


Our Community Hub

We are a thriving community hub. Our commitment to our local community has earned us a prestigious TripAdvisor award, showcasing our contribution to the local economy.

Join us at our exciting local events or taste a gin or two at our renowned bar, the beloved “Cuckoo’s Nest.” Experience unforgettable moments, savour exceptional spirits, and forge lasting connections within our vibrant community. Let us be a part of your cherished memories, as we celebrate the spirit of our local audience. View our upcoming events here.


Our Capabilities

500 Litre Copper Hybrid Still

Brindle Distillery owns a custom-made 500 Litre Still, constructed in Germany by Kothe.

Fill & Label 10,000 Bottles a Day

We have a 4 head, 70cl bottle filler and labelling line capable of 2,000 to 10,000 bottles a day depending on requirements.

5cl Auto Filling and Capping

We have an automated 2 head filling and capping machine for 5cl bottles capable of 2,000 to 10,000 bottles a day.

50 Litre Dragon Column Still

We have a 50 Litre Dragon Column Still for smaller runs, scale-up trials and NPD. Stainless steel with copper plates.


Brindle Distillery

Buy Cuckoo online and relish it within the cosy confines of your own home. Alternatively, book yourself an experience at Brindle Distillery.