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Our Story

Holmes Farm has been in the Singleton family for over 100 years. The inspiration to add a distillery into the mix came one day as the family sat unwinding together after a long day on the farm, enjoying G&T’s.

Fast forward 12 months to June 2017… recipes, ingredients and skills were brought to bottling point and Brindle Distillery’s first gin was launched.

The rest, as they say, is history! And we are incredibly proud of ours. Learn more about Our Story below.

“Take a deep-rooted Lancashire family farm, add a refreshing idea, homegrown ingredients and a pinch of inspiration, and you have the recipe for Cuckoo Gin.”

MAY 2016

Planning Phase

In May 2016, the planning phase commenced at Brindle Distillery, based in the picturesque village of Brindle in rural Lancashire.

With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to artisanal craftsmanship, the team embarked on the journey of creating exceptional spirits, infusing each step with dedication, care, and passion.

JUNE 2017

First Gin Launched

In June 2017, we proudly introduced our debut gin, Cuckoo Signature Gin.

This creation marked a milestone in our journey, showcasing our commitment to crafting exceptional gins infused with locally sourced quality botanicals. View Signature here.


The Cuckoo Nest Opened

In December 2017, we reached another exciting milestone as we opened a bar on-site, right at the heart of the distillery.

Welcoming enthusiasts and curious visitors alike, the bar offered a unique opportunity to savour Cuckoo Gin on the very site it was distilled. Learn about the Cuckoo’s Nest.


Distillery Tours Begin

In January 2018, Brindle Distillery began offering distillery tours.

This immersive experience allowed visitors to witness the intricate art of distillation up close, gaining insight into the meticulous process behind creating their exceptional spirits. View all our experiences here.


Signature Wins Gold

Our Cuckoo Signature Gin achieved remarkable recognition by winning the prestigious Gold San Francisco World Spirits Awards in 2019.

This outstanding accomplishment solidified the gin’s exceptional quality and showcased the expertise and craftsmanship of Brindle Distillery. View the award-winning Signature Gin here.


Launched Our First Workshop

We unveiled an exciting addition to our offerings with the ‘Make Your Own Gin’ Workshop.

An innovative experience that allows gin enthusiasts to unleash their creativity and craft their personalised blend of botanicals. Embrace the art of distilling and learning about the intricate process while creating a unique gin that reflects your own individual tastes. View all the distillery experiences here.


Launched Our First Rum

After establishing our collection of Gins, Brindle Distillery launched our first Rum.

In October 2019 we created the exceptional Sundowner Rum, aged for over six months in ex-bourbon whiskey barrels, our blended rum is lightly infused with vanilla, cinnamon, clove, ginger and natural honey. View Sundowner here.

MAY 2020

Launched Our First Vodka

In May 2020, after producing Gins and Rum, we launched a brand new line of Vodka.

Spring Vodka was a natural choice, as our spring water is the perfect ingredient when blended with 100% British Wheat Spirit distilled in the North West of England. View Spring Vodka here.

MARCH 2021

Bottling Line Investment

With continued growth, we decided it was time to invest in a new bottling line.

The increased production capacity meant we could produce more quality spirits quicker than ever before. We continued to grow our product line including Sloedown Gin. Learn about the distillery here.

MAY 2021

Craft Gin Club Gin of the Month

We received the esteemed recognition of being named Craft Gin Club’s Gin of the Month.

This accolade signifies the outstanding quality and craftsmanship of Cuckoo Gin. View the collection of winning Cuckoo Gins.

JUNE 2021

New Bespoke Bottle Launched

We unveiled an exquisite new bespoke bottle design for our range of Cuckoo Gins and other spirits.

This captivating design reflected the essence of our craft, blending tradition and innovation seamlessly. Shop all our spirits here.


Live @ The Nest Launched

Brindle Distillery was always about the community so in February 2022 we launched ‘Live @ The Nest’.

We brought local musical talent to the Cuckoo’s Nest for dedicated live music nights. What’s better than amazing music, unbelievable food and quality, locally-made Cuckoo Gin. View our upcoming events.


Solace Gin Voted ‘Best in the World’

Our Cuckoo Solace Gin was voted ‘Best in the World’ by members of the Craft Gin Club.

This recognition by gin enthusiasts underscores the gin’s exceptional quality and captivating flavour. View our Solace Gin here.

MARCH 2022

Supernova Triple Threat

Our Cuckoo Supernova has garnered significant acclaim, winning three prestigious awards including the Master (Spirit Business), Double Gold (SFWS) and the Best Flavoured Award (Gin Guide). View our Supernova Gin here.


First Ever ‘Nestival’

Brindle Distillery hosts its first festival, an extension of our Cuckoo’s Nest bar nights and Live @ The Nest experiences. Nestival ’23!

An instant sell out, Nestival was an event filled with non-stop live music, 7 drinks bars, 4 food vendors and our friends of the nest market traders. Nestival ’24 can’t come soon enough!


Brindle Distillery

Buy Cuckoo online and relish it within the cosy confines of your own home. Alternatively, book yourself an experience at Brindle Distillery.