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Cuckoo Seaside Vodka

Seaside Vodka 38% VOL

Head to the beach with our Seaside Vodka. Perfect for Summer 2023. With a creamy Vanilla flavour from gourmet Madagascan Vanilla Pods and a sprinkling of British Sea Salt. During our tasting panels, we were transported to the British Seaside, and thus, the name was born.


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Seaside Vodka.

Our Seaside Vodka was inspired by working with our local trade accounts. Bars, pubs and restaurants across our great county longed-for a locally produced Vanilla Vodka, to use in Cocktails to give provenance to their menus. We are proud to launch our Cuckoo Seaside Vodka.


A captivating fusion of creamy vanilla. As you take in its scent, the richness of gourmet Madagascan Vanilla Pods unfolds, enveloping your senses with a warm and inviting sweetness.


The creamy essence of Madagascan Vanilla Pods takes center stage, imparting a luscious and smooth sweetness. The vanilla notes are perfectly balanced by the subtle sprinkling of British sea salt.


A graceful and lingering experience that leaves a lasting impression. As the flavors gently subside, a final flourish of creamy vanilla blankets the palate, providing a soothing and comforting sensation.

Distiller Notes

For the Seaside Vodka, we wanted to source the best Vanilla possible, we use a gourmet range of Madagascan Bourbon Planifolia Vanilla Pods. This is soaked in our Cuckoo Spring Vodka for a number of months to give that creamy, sweet, toffee like taste. To give this a special twist, we blend in flakes of Maldon Sea Salt to almost act as a seasoning and give it a nod towards the Seaside!

Cocktail Inspiration