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Cask Aged Sunshine Gin

Cask Aged Sunshine Gin 40% VOL

Diversification has always been at the heart of Brindle Distillery. In what you would call a diversification of sorts, we have aged our Cuckoo Sunshine Gin for 60 days in ex-bourbon barrels, to produce limited edition batches for Cuckoo followers and curious gin fans to enjoy.


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Cask Aged Gin.

The delicate and brief ageing process adds such a lovely extra dimension to the gins we produce. Our Sunshine gin is sweet to start with, given the addition of honey, and this really comes to life with hints of vanilla from the barrel.


This gin is a harmonious blend of enticing scents. It offers a sweet and delicate bouquet with prominent notes of honey, accentuated by the subtle presence of vanilla from the barrel aging process.


A sweet and vibrant gin aged for 60 days, offering a delightful dimension with hints of vanilla, enhancing the honey-infused base. Perfect for curious gin enthusiasts seeking a unique and flavorful experience.


It starts with a smooth and gentle sensation, showcasing the sweetness of honey that characterises this gin. As the flavours unfold, the hints of vanilla from the barrel aging process emerge, adding a touch of warmth and depth.

Distiller Notes

Big Tom has been playing with the new creations on our distillery bar and highly recommends a Lancashire Spritz Cocktail containing 50ml Cuckoo Sunshine Gin Cask Aged, 25ml Sarsaparilla Cordial, 25ml Lemon Juice, topped with Dandelion and Burdock. Or if you’re interested in something a little more simple try Cuckoo Sunshine Gin Cask Aged served with Indian Tonic and a raspberry and mint garnish.

Cocktail Inspiration