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Seaside Perfect Serve

Seaside Perfect Serve

Featuring Cuckoo Seaside Vodka.


Serves 1
50ml Cuckoo Seaside Vodka
150ml Premium Cola
Vanilla Ice Cream


Fill a hi ball or balloon glass with ice. Add the Vodka, Cola and give the drink a light stir. Add a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream on top and dream of the Seaside!

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cuckoo seaside vodka

Cuckoo Seaside Vodka

Head to the beach with our Seaside Vodka. Perfect for Summer 2023. With a creamy Vanilla flavour from gourmet Madagascan Vanilla Pods and a sprinkling of British Sea Salt. During our tasting panels, we were transported to the British Seaside, and thus, the name was born.

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