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Cuckoo Scrumpy Vodka

Sweet, Apple & Pears Vodka 40% VOL

Sweet, Apples and Pears. Our Scrumpy Vodka is handcrafted with fresh water from our natural spring, blended with 100% British wheat spirit and apples and pears from our Farms.





Sweet. Apples. Pears.

Immerse yourself in the delightful world of our Scrumpy Vodka, meticulously handcrafted to offer a unique and enchanting experience. What truly sets our Scrumpy Vodka apart is the infusion of succulent apples and juicy pears, handpicked from our very own farm. The sweetness of these fruits permeates every drop, adding a luscious and refreshing character to the vodka.


Earthy notes of Apple and Pear immediately hit the senses, this isn't sickly sweet, this has real depth of flavour.


Smooth initially on the mouth, followed by a roundness and hints of fresh apple at the front of the tongue and around the lips.


Lengthy notes of pear and citrus, this Vodka has a long finish and gives that warm feeling of late summer nights and crisp autumn mornings.

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