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Sloedown Gin Fizz

Sloedown Gin Fizz

Featuring Cuckoo Sloedown Gin.


Serves 1
50ml Sloedown Gin
125ml Prosecco or Champers (ice cold)


When crafting your fizz, begin by placing the gin at the base of your glass. With a deliberate hand, gradually pour your preferred fizz on top, allowing the flavours to mingle in perfect harmony. This method ensures a well-balanced cocktail, with the gin’s botanical notes intertwining seamlessly with the effervescence of the chosen carbonated beverage. Take your time, savour the process, and relish in the delightful creation that emerges from this simple yet artful combination.

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cuckoo sloedown gin

Cuckoo Sloedown Gin

Forced into lockdown in the spring of 2020, most of us spent more time at home. More time with family. More time with ourselves. Long walks for daily exercise reminded us of the importance of looking after our wellbeing. Video calls with family and friends brought us closer together, despite the distance. Inspired by our situation, Sloedown Gin was created as a reminder that sometimes, we just need to slow down a little.

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