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What makes a strong team?

Written by: Chloe Cattanach
Date: 8th January 2024

Working at Cuckoo brings me great personal satisfaction. This only occurs when effective preparation and planning takes place, the use of good team communication skills, as well as thorough organisation from all colleagues working together to continually create the best outcome for all events. It is an honour to represent a growing local family business, who produce top quality spirits and community entertainment.

Starting as a shy teenager in the kitchen on pot wash duty, with no confidence in speaking to people at all, to where I am today has been a massive journey for me and one of my greatest achievements. I absolutely love working at Cuckoo, it is so family orientated and has given me the opportunity to grow not only as a part-time worker, but as a person overall. If you would have told me 4 years ago that I’d be where I was today, I wouldn’t have believed it. The skills I have acquired over the past years at the Distillery have surprised not only my friends and family, but most of all myself – from doing the dirty work in the cellar and around the farm, to being professional and confident when speaking with regular and new customers. It is lovely when the customers recognise and know who you are, with staff relying on ME on how to solve any issues.

Building a strong team at Cuckoo requires growing trust in each other, to pursue work ethics and sustain a positive, friendly environment amongst the staff and local community. The Team, aka “Legendary Bar Staff”, are more like family than colleagues, all working together and continuously grafting, so that we, as a company, can grow bigger and better each year. We have a responsibility to serve and take care of each and every customer, whereby we always adhere to constantly deliver with a smile on our faces – no matter the situation. For me, to train staff is so important so that this process happens sufficiently so that they can then replicate and build upon these skills and eventually display a personal way of serving customers themselves. Even though you might not see the same workers each shift, the team build a unique relationship with everyone in their own way. The team is small but brings huge passion and an outstanding atmosphere for all bar nights and events – it is incredibly rewarding to welcome new people to the Distillery and offer a memorable experience for all.

The hospitality industry can be difficult to work in, but the relationships we create with the local customers make the industry so much easier and a pleasure to work in.