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Spring Is Upon Us!

Well hello there! It has been too long, my bad, we’ve had a lot going on since the new year so just about ready to sit down and tell you all what we’ve been up to.

January & February, man. They are tough old months them aren’t they? I’ve always struggled with Jan and Feb, you have that anti-climax feeling of the Christmas period then it’s like the world stays in bed for 2 months feeling groggy. It can be a slog in the alcohol world in these months. You have dry January to deal with and we are all saving the pennies after Christmas anyway. But, as I write this, we have put a dent in March and Spring is upon us!

This isn’t to say we didn’t enjoy January & February by the way, we did keep ourselves busy. We’ve had some of the most successful Nest nights already this year and we want to thank everyone for making our distillery a real hub for the community. Despite us being without power for 5 hours on a recent Nest night, the atmosphere was still buzzing!

We have been busy planning for the year ahead. We have lots of local and not so local events to attend this year. More recently we have been introducing Cuckoo to the lovely people of the South West. Firstly, we were at a trade show in Exeter and just last week I was down in Cornwall at a similar show. Great people! Was my first time down there ever, it is beautiful!

This year we have put a real focus on the distillery. We are opening the Nest much more frequently, we have added more tours and workshops. We have even added 4 extra places onto the workshop, meaning we can now take 16 people at a time! You a have already seen if you follow us closely on social media, but we do coffee and cake now too! There’s no end to our talents! Our distillery is a great place to come and relax, chat and get some work done while enjoying some great coffee and some class cakes too!

The highlight of the first two months of the year mind was mine and Mark’s trip to London. We were invited to attend the World Gin Awards, hosted at the Honourable Artillery Company building in Old Street. What a place by the way, felt really privileged to be there. We got ourselves some glad-rags, polished our shoes and crossed our fingers that we would win! Unfortunately, we weren’t successful in the world category but, we did win England’s Best Matured Gin for our Cask Aged Sunshine Gin! World domination takes time, it’ll be ours one day. We also had a great meal, it really was a great evening and we met some great people too.

Well that’s me for a bit, I won’t leave it as long next time I promise! Busy month for us. Me and Young William head up to Glasgow this week for the Gin to my Tonic Show. We did this last year and was a terrific weekend for us and no doubt it will be again! Until next time, look after each other and wash your hands!

Tom x