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Lockdown Part One.

Hello Cuckoo fans!

Hope everyone is healthy, keeping well and adhering to the government guidelines. We are one day closer to all this being over. My thoughts and prayers are with anyone who has been directly affected by Covid19, as are the thoughts of everyone at Brindle Distillery.

Everything feels dystopian now, do you not think? Like one of those futuristic films. I watched a film called Contagion the other night, which was made in 2011. It is scarily accurate as to what is happening in the world right now. So, on that note, don’t watch it if you’re easily scared! Also, spoiler alert, Kate Winslet dies in it and no one wants to see that. All jokes aside, every day I feel like I’m in a film, it’s so weird!

We are all guilty of complaining about our lives now and again. We complain about the weather, our jobs, our families, the government, our football teams, the fact that it cost 30p for a Freddo now and just life in general! If this has done one thing for me it is to appreciate everything I have. We don’t know how lucky we really are.

The news is on continuous loop of telling us how many people have been infected and how many people have sadly lost their lives. Which, of course, we need to know so we stay inside to stop more people from dying. But they never tell you about the positives.

You never hear about the 300,000 people who have recovered from the virus. Thanks to the incredible medical professionals around the world looking after us day in day out. That should be celebrated, there is light at the end of this horrendous tunnel.

Isn’t it time the work of healthcare professionals was reflected in their pay? Deemed low skilled workers only a few months ago. Maybe I’m getting too political. But if there was ever a time to recognise the work our nurses, social care workers etc. do and what they get paid for it, it is now!

Back to Cuckoo, Mark has been busy as ever doing local deliveries thanks to our amazing customers. We want to thank you all for your continued support throughout this strange time. Mark will continue with local deliveries and we are still sending gin out nationwide via DHL!

It has hit me hard this week how much I miss going into work. Cuckoo isn’t a job for me, it’s a big part of my life so it’s a struggle not to be there right now. I love being in the distillery with the lads, Hayley and of course Ralph! I miss doing the tours and workshops. Mark will tell you, we both love hosting these. We always have a great laugh and I am missing that human interaction I’m so used to having! I miss the bar staff, we have some great characters in that team, but I am still the funniest, a title which will never be taken away, sorry guys!

We’ve just got to crack on, haven’t we? I hope I offer some sort of escape with the videos I’m doing and with these blogs. I’m no Stephen King but it’s better than reading The S*n or the Daily Fail, put that down! I wouldn’t eat my fish and chips off it never mind read it! Turn off the news, have a break from social media and read something real!

Again, thank you all for your support. Anyone who is continuing to buy Cuckoo Gin and Rum, we thank you all for sticking with us.

I had a lovely message the other day from a nurse down in London. They told us that after every shift they are enjoying a Cuckoo Gin and trying out the serves I’m showing you all on the videos. It really humbled me, and I got emotional. To hear someone on the frontline say that I’ve offered a bit of peace into their circumstances, well that’s enough to keep anyone going and to STAY INDOORS. Thank you.

Until next time, keep your heads up, keep smiling and keep to those guidelines to help our NHS workers.

Big love, Tom x