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Lockdown Part 2.

How do Cuckoo’s

Hope you are all well, staying safe, staying indoors and all that stuff. Mark told me it has been 3 weeks since our last little update, which is bonkers as it seems only like it was last week! So, here we are still in lockdown (or at least people with braincells are) just waiting for the government to tell us what to do next. Think I said last time it was going to be a tough few week and I think we have seen that. A huge upturn in deaths, with actual figures not even close to what the true figure is. It is a scary time, one which I hope is over soon.

We have been ticking along quite nicely at the distillery. Plenty of orders going out, both locally and nationally (thank you!) which is keeping us all busy. Keep an eye out for your postcode this week as we will be back on the road!

Mark and I hosted our virtual distillery tour last week! It was a little strange for us to do the tour with “no audience” and just a phone camera. I think we experienced a little bit of what presenters must feel just talking into a camera! We plenty of people watching and getting involved. Thanks for all who joined us and keep and eye out for something else in the next few weeks!

We are planning to do a live Workshop, similar to what we did with the tour, but we will make a couple of gins and offer them out of prizes! We are still in early stages of planning this so more news soon! We are also currently offering 20% off Workshop bookings on our website. Take advantage of this deal so you can enjoy it as soon as we open back up!

This Saturday we are hosting the first ever virtual Cuckoo Quiz, 100 people on Zoom with £5 entry fee going towards helping our NHS and care workers. If you fancy it, just have a look on our website to get involved!

I think that is all I have for you this time! I am still doing my cocktail videos from home, there will be a couple more this week so look out for them! Hopefully this weather stays around for a bit, definitely making this a whole lot easier.

Until next time, sick to those guidelines and stay safe.

Tom x