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Press Release

Hello fans of Cuckoo Gin!

Been a short while, hasn’t it? Can you believe it’s mid-June already? Half the year gone! I have been well busy I will not lie to you, as we all have here at Brindle Distillery. We would just like to thank everyone for their continued support during lockdown, particularly for all your online orders which have kept us really busy the last 3 months!

There has been a certain element of enjoyment during lockdown for me. I am used to working till quite late, long days and lots of travelling on the road. As much as I enjoy that side of my job, it has been nice to get a feel of the ‘norm’ with working 9-5 as it were. If I were to take positives from the pandemic it would be, I have developed a normal sleeping pattern! Of course, the bigger picture is it has not been positive at all. Been shite, hasn’t it? My heart goes out to anyone who has suffered directly because of COVID-19, I can only think with hindsight they could have done a lot more to at least slow it down. But I am no politician.

It seems we are coming back to some sort of normality. Whether it is too soon to do so remains to be seen. We have plans in place at the distillery now where, once given the green light from them lot in Westminster, we hope to open to the public. You may have seen that we are planning to open temporarily as a pop-up restaurant, in collaboration with Maria, who runs our Supperclubs. We are hoping to do this as soon as the 4th July, but don’t quote us on that just yet!

As well as being busy with online orders, we recently hosted another virtual tour, this time in association with Booths. Mark and I really enjoyed this one, it gave us lots of ideas on how to add to the already very good tour experience in the distillery, which we can’t wait to put into practice once we can start doing them again. A big shout out to Booths, especially Pete, who we cannot thank enough for all the guidance and support since we started Cuckoo Gin.

We recently celebrated our 3rd birthday. 3 years! I have been here for 2 of those years and its scary how quickly they have gone. Time really does fly when you are having fun! Hopefully, many more to come. I trust all your birthday cards are in the post!

I think I have got one more cocktail video in me. I have recently moved to a new house, so that has been a busy time as well, so I haven’t been as active on social media recently. Look out for a video this week though, just in time for Father’s Day. Talking Father’s Day, look on our website for an exclusive Father’s Day package! We have also got a few of the pre batched cocktails left. The Negroni has completely sold out, Mark has been enjoying these at home as much as our customers have! We still have the Old Fashioned and Manhattan in stock, but very limited numbers left! Perfect for Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day to my dad David, thank you for all you do for me, my mum and my brothers! I know he likes to read my blogs.

To wrap up, hopefully we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I have remained as positive as possible throughout this whole thing, being grateful for what I have and being lucky enough to have been able to work. Again, thank you for all your continued support during lockdown and from everyone here at the distillery, we hope you are all safe and well. We look forward to opening our doors to you once again.

Take care, Tom. xxx