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Cuckoo Scrumpy Gin

Sweet, Apple & Pears Gin 40% VOL

Sweet, Apples and Pears. Our Scrumpy Gin is handcrafted with fresh water from our natural spring, blended with our international award winning Cuckoo Signature Gin


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Dry. Apples. Pears.

Cuckoo Scrumpy Gin is a blended dry gin. A true limited edition with only 300 bottles produced. It has a smooth mouth feel to aid those who like to sip. A distillate of apples and pears grown on our farm has been expertly blended into our international award winning Signature Gin.


A delightful blend of earthy and fruity notes. The dominant scents of fresh apples and ripe pears combine harmoniously, evoking the essence.


Scrumpy Gin offers a harmonious blend of flavours. The fresh, juicy notes of apples and pears are at the forefront, delivering a natural light crispness which complements the traditional style of London Dry Gin.


The finish is smooth and lingering, leaving a delightful aftertaste that beautifully encapsulates its unique character. The earthy and fresh notes of apples and pears gently fade, giving way to a subtle sweetness and a clean, refreshing sensation. Still very Ginny, as it should be.

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